1. It must be written in doc or RTF format, Time New Roman, 12 pts, with 1,15 space, B5 paper. The manuscript must be submitted as a soft file using your account. Please download the template (click here).

2. The article must be written in both Bahasa Indonesia and English (just abstract). It should be compile as followed; title, name of the author/s, abstract completed with keywords, introduction, method, result and discussion, conclusion, and references.

3. Bahasa Indonesian version of the title must not exceed 14 words. Title must be written in capital-center, 12pts and line spacing single/1 sp.

4. The name of the author/s must be written without any academic titles, with an affiliate, and are placed beneath the title of the article. When there are more than one authors, JAT editor will only get in touch with the main author.

5. This article is compiled by 6 parts; abstract completed with keywords, introduction, method, result and discussion, conclusion, and references.

 a. Abstract and its keywords are written in both Bahasa Indonesia and English. The length of this abstract     should be between 150-200 word counts completed with 3-5 keywords. At least, an abstract must contain of   the purpose of research, research methods, research results, and conclusions.

b. The introduction covers the research background, research problem, literature review and research focus.

c. Methods consist of description related to the research approaches and methods, sample/subject  population, data sources, place and time, data collection techniques, and data analysis techniques. Quantitative research needs to include relevant hypothesis testing techniques. 

d. The result and discussion covers a description of the analysis of research results and discuss them. The results of the research contains of tabulations of data from the results of research carried out according to the methods and variables used. Discussion of the results of the analysis can apply the method of comparison, the use of equations, graphs, pictures, and tables. Each table and graph must be numbered and named and interpret the results of the analysis to obtain answers, added value, and benefits that are relevant to the problem and research objectives.

e. The conclusion do not repeat what has been said in the results section. This section will answer the research objectives, so use straightforward and informative grammar. 

f. References contain reference sources with a minimum of 10 references in the form of books, journal, proceedings, and articles from trusted print and online media. References must be written using the APA (American Psychological Association) style. The bibliography is sorted alphabetically and in processing reference data it is recommended to use reference management software such as Mendeley or others.